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Kinetic Energy Harvesting Lighting the Way for Urban Planning

Jan 06, 2017

With kinetic energy harvesting and wearable devices, researchers have created a system capable of detecting a user’s transportation mode to inform urban planning.

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Making the Smart Grid “Green” is All about Reducing the Black Hole of Big Data Energy Use

Nov 22, 2016

The smart grid is not as green as it seems. Researchers spent several years coming up with a six-plane approach on how to boost big data’s energy profile for an overall more efficient grid flow.

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Are Smart Buildings Delivering on Their Promise to Reduce Energy Consumption?

Jul 25, 2016

Research shows smart buildings may not be limiting their energy consumption as much as they should. But a new IoT application could get them back on track.


GreenNet Promises “Greener” IoT with Energy-Saving Wireless Sensor Nodes

May 09, 2016

A proposed network of wireless sensor nodes called GreenNet uses sleep mode and photovoltaic technology to reduce energy footprint, leading to “greener” IoT infrastructure.

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New Wind-Forecasting Algorithm Could Mean Cost-Savings for Power Companies

Mar 25, 2016

Energy companies may now have a stronger case to invest in wind power thanks to this key algorithm development that improves its reliability.


An Energetic Link: Using Network Science to Measure a Power Grid’s Robustness

Dec 31, 2015

Network science is applied to the power grid to quantitatively measure – and increase – its robustness against faults.